Volvo VHD

Volvo VHD

A truck carries more than a load. It carries your business. Which is why Volvo isn't just about building the best vocational truck. We're about completely re-inventing the way you buy, own and operate one. So your entire operation runs easier, faster and far more profitably. Welcome to the new roads of Volvo.

What's more, the VHD is engineered so body builders can also work fast and efficiently. The back of the cab is clean. Air tanks, battery boxes and the muffler are out of the way. The body builder junction box and in-cab floor access allow for quicker and higher quality body installation. All this allows quick mounting, easy hookups and pre-engineered flexibility. And that helps you get your truck delivered faster with fewer problems.

Tough. Smart. Efficient. This truck is setting new standards in the heavy-duty industry.

THE VOLVO 780/730/670/630

Volvo VN Series

Built to be more efficient, safer, more reliable, easier to service and provide higher resale value. Or, more to the point: built to ensure your success.

The first thing you'll notice is the smooth sloping hood, the sleek curves and the graceful lines. Or maybe you caught a glimpse of the new headlights and wondered “what's going on here?” Well, there's a bigger story here than just good looks. These new features improve the aerodynamic efficiency of the truck. Wind resistance has been dramatically lowered, requiring less engine power to move on down the road. These VNs are the lightest, most aerodynamic (and, of course, safest) trucks we've ever created.

EPA 2010


In developing our EPA '07 compliant engines, we introduced a host of enhancements that help the environment without sacrificing power and fuel economy. Through innovative applications of EGR and DPF technology, Volvo's '07 engines effectively reduced NOx emissions by 50 percent, and reduced particulate matter by 90 percent.

EPA '10 calls for a further -- and final -- NOx reduction that is 99 percent lower. That's good news for the environment, because it means all 2010 heavy truck diesel engines will have near-zero emissions of particulates and NOx.

These new emission standards have led manufacturers to develop ingenious technologies to reduce emissions to near zero while improving fuel economy using massive EGR. Volvo diesel engines will meet the challenges of EPA '10 with improved fuel economy using the proven and highly efficient SCR process.

Regional Tractors

Regional Tractors

You know the challenge better than anyone: to keep the wheels rolling all day. Every day. Through months and years of stop-and-start driving that can be as tough on a driver as it is on a truck. These next generation short haul trucks, the Volvo VNM 200 and the VNL 300 Day Cabs, are for applications that start and end each day in the same city. And the Volvo 430 and VNM 430 sleepers are designed for regional routes that require a night or two on the road before heading home. These trucks are lightweight and aerodynamic, to save you money on every run. They're engineered for dependability, to keep you on schedule. They're comfortable, from entry to exit and every mile in between. And you'll appreciate that these trucks are as easy to handle at the loading dock as they are on the highway. When you find a vehicle that does all that – and does it with excellent safety record – you've got yourself one heck of a truck.

Your Service Routine Has Never Been Easier

Less down time and faster servicing is better for your bottom line. Daily maintenance has never been more convenient. Open the lightweight hood. The release is located on the lower steering column, so you can reach it from the ground. Yet it's totally secure, because it is inside the cab. Oil, fluids and filters are also easily accessible. And you'll be checking the oil from the cool side of the engine.

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